iAdd - Simply Add (Maths)

4.7 ( 9687 ratings )
Игры Образование Обучающие Головоломки
Разработчик Shekhar Yadav
0.99 USD

This is a simple addition and makes math a lot more fun. It provides hours of fun while exercising your brain. In no time you will find yourself sharper at adding numbers. Surprise your friends, parents, spouse how smart you are. Perfect gift for kids too.

The game will give you a number, say 12. Using the number from the easy to use touch grid, you have to add up to 12. So e.g. you can tap 3 and 9. With different game it gives you different possible number spaces you have to fill while also maintaining the sum. E.g. if the number was 12, and the spaces (?) were 3. then 3 and 9 would be wrong answer. You will have to say 3, 8 and 1 or some combination using 3 numbers to add upto 12.

Try it, it is simple and at the same time challenging. Perfect game for iPhone.